An excerpt from Beth Peterson’s book, “Life After Lightning”:

When the day seems long
When everything goes wrong
Take a moment, a pause
Pinpoint the cause
When you are feeling the stress
In your neck, in your chest
Take a breath, a stretch
Let the anxiety pass
The beauty of life
Is such an oversight
We forget too often
To turn to the light
Look up to the sky
Release a deep sigh
Feel that warmth on your skin
Let the feeling sink in
Allow yourself to live your life
Then smile

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Beth Peterson offers advice and insight on topics such as family and what it means to be a mother, daughter, and sister; the trials of personal loss and joys of spiritual recovery; and lessons on discovering true meaning and direction in life.  Her desire to encourage others to understand self-healing in a supportive environment comes from first hand experiences as a two-time lightning strike survivor.

Beth’s first book, “Life After Lightning”:

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