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Best-selling author of, Call me ‘When you get to Heaven’www.JackyNewcomb.com

“Many years ago I had a life changing experience. During a time of high stress in my life I called out to God to take over my life. I could no longer cope with the challenges life was bringing me and although I didn’t wish myself dead, I felt incapable of making decisions. ‘Whatever you decide is ok God’, I said, ‘you tell me what to do and I’ll do that; I can no longer do this stuff on my own’. I was putting my life in HIS hands. With that I fell immediately into a deep sleep.

Right away I found myself travelling through time and space, at least my soul was. My body was left far behind on the bed below me. I was a being of light, full of love. As a soul I was part of a wider spirit, a simple spark of the whole; a flash of light in the great vastness of everything that was. Yet in this state I had consciousness; I had intelligence. I was able to think for myself, make decisions and process as I had on the planet far below. Yet at the same time I had greater knowledge and understanding of life and the process a soul goes through in its quest for this knowledge.

I knew my earthly life as Jacky Newcomb was just the one I was concentrating on right now. It was a life I had co-chosen, a body in which I could best learn the secrets I had decided to concentrate this life time around. I knew that this soul, the real ‘me’ had lived many lives and would live many more.

I realised that many of the people I shared my life with where part of a big jigsaw that made up my personal picture or play. They were soul-mates, part of a group I had shared many lifetimes with; both on earth and other planets and planes of existence. I felt that love now and carried it with me. Why do we exist I wondered and in that moment I knew the answer. We live to learn love. As the words of the song suggest, love is all there is. Love was everything and all was well with the world.

I was surrounded by stars which dotted the dark sky around me. The sky was endless and I knew that amongst these spaces were planets and suns, universes known and unknown to our earthly planet.

Then I felt a greater love; a love unlike I had never felt before. I was engulfed by this love and blissed out connecting to the ONE-ness. In front of me a large pair of hands reached out and scooped me up. These were the ‘hands’ of God, the ONE, the creator, the source … the EVERYTHING. ‘He’, for this energy felt masculine, cradled me in these hands, he rocked me gentle and I felt like a baby being comforted by a parent. ‘But you are…’ came the reply to my unasked question. ‘… I am your parent’. ‘Can I stay here forever?’ I asked.

No reply came. This was perfection, this was the ultimate goal. I no longer had any interest in the life below me. I loved my friends and family but one by one their faces now came into view to beguile me.

My friends; how would they cope if I didn’t go back, if my body died? They’d be ok, I reasoned. What about my parents? How would they be? I felt their grief for just a moment but I brushed it away. No, they’d be fine I said. Then my husband’s face appeared in front of me. I loved that man so much … but no, he’d find someone else I reasoned. Was this a trick? Was God trying to make me go back? NO! I didn’t want to; but next I saw my children. No my children? They would suffer so badly if I didn’t go back. I struggled. No they would manage without me wouldn’t they? No I want to stay. Like a child having a massive tantrum I resisted every image. This peace this bliss, this was where I belonged; wasn’t it?

Next I heard my mother’s voice calling me. It was surreal and completely out of place in this universal paradise.

“Jacky?” she urged. “Would you like a cup of tea?”

“What? Are you serious? No of course not! Go away or I’ll wake up!”


I was slipping away; my body was urging my soul back and I was aching. No, no, don’t make me wake up. But I was back in bed. I opened my eyes. “Mum?” I called out into the darkness. But mum wasn’t there.

I sat in bed mulling over my experience. God was love. I was part of that love and so were the people I shared my life with. In that briefest of moments I’d had a reminder of what it was all about. Was I taking everything so seriously? I think so. Back in my body I realised I didn’t want to leave my family and friends. I was needed here; they needed me and I needed them and everything was going to be ok.

I never forgot my experience and shortly afterwards I began collecting other people’s stories of life after life. Heaven was a real place. We don’t die in the way we believe, we just keep cycling around with the same wonderful souls that mean so much to us. I gathered those stories and wrote book after book of reassuring experiences of the journey of the soul. One book became two, then three and so on.

Imagine how delighted I was to discover Beth Peterson’s own experience of a life beyond life. I was completely fascinated with her first book, ‘Life after Lightning’; a book you have to read from beginning to end in one sitting! Then the mesmerising ‘Destination Heaven’, which describes her fascinating near death experience. Beth takes you with her on her extraordinary journey as she leaves this life for the next. Destination Heaven explores Beth’s earthly life as she witnesses her whole life flash before her eyes, and then understands from an adult point of view, the reasons why she lived the life she did and the lessons she has learnt from them.

I’ve read hundreds of accounts of near death experience but Destination Heaven is the most awesome account I have ever read! Read this book and it will take away your fear of death forever.

Amber Main

“Life After Lightning” is nothing short of enlightening and eye opening. Beth Peterson is truly an inspiration and someone many can learn how to live in a positive light from. “Life After Lightning” is a humbling reminder that we aren’t walking alone on this broken road we call life but the people we cross paths with are meant to help mend that road and the results of how our lives turn out is solely based on our decision as to how we handle those cracks in the road. I promise that everyone who reads this book will have something to take away from it to apply to their own lives. Beth makes this an easy read by making her lessons short and sweet and straight to the point so as not to lose the reader.”

Donald Tyne, MS, CVSO – Director of Linn County Veteran Affairs

“Without hesitation I wholeheartedly recommend Mrs. Beth Peterson as a guest speaker at any veteran program or event.  I was initially impressed with Beth’s enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor. She speaks from the heart.  Of particular value to me, is her message to all veterans of encouragement, and how to resolve the most tragic setbacks life can give you.  I have listened to two of Beth’s presentations, first one to Linn County Veteran Commission and the second to the Iowa Department of Veteran Affairs 2nd District meeting. Her style is clear, rewarding and inspiring.

Her Book “Life after Lightning” is clear and easy to read. The book is an inspiration to all and especially veterans on how to forge a path to wellness. I use and refer to her book often when speaking to veterans who have suffered everything from loss of limb, sight and even the silent pain of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).”

Karen Peterson

“I have lived a good life for close to 70 years now.  That’s not to say every day brought experiences that I’d choose to relive.  Some days my thoughts would dwell on things that made me wonder “Why am I here?” Depending on the day, the word ‘here’ may have meant ‘alive’, ‘in this place’ or my mind would wander to the quiet thoughts like “what if” and “would of, could of, should of”.  The thought of dying brought all sorts of questions to mind.  We will all face death one day and by knowing Beth’s account of her near-death experience, I feel a sense of peace.  She will be the first to tell you she can speak only of her personal testimony, but I have an inner sense that I, too, will be guided through my days prior to and during my own experience.”

Spirit Wolf – Teacher and Spiritual Healer

“I have had the privilege of knowing Beth Peterson most of her life, before lightening and after. I believe everyone can find something in her book that will not only inspire you, but give you the tools to really cope with every day life. She has been an inspiration to me in so may ways, not just with her wisdom but her faith. I feel what makes this book so interesting is the fact that it is all truth, no theatrics, no drama, no special effects. It is just plain truth, from someone who actually died, and came back to share what she has learned, to benefit us all.

To not take the opportunity to read her experiences in this book, would say to me, that maybe you are not ready for the truth or maybe you don’t want to heal. In so many ways we have all experienced our own bolt of lightening. Learn, Grow, Appreciate the beauty and magnificence of this journey from life to death to life. I am so grateful and honored to have her in my life, you will be too!”

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