These all have very different meanings to people. However, I am realizing that a vast amount of people are feeling under-appreciated in life, within their jobs, homes and circles of friends. So it got me thinking:
Do we need a pat on the back for doing our job?  Sure it would be greatly appreciated but, is it necessary? After all we are at work; doing something we were hired to do and getting paid to do it. Are we expecting too much for what we are being paid to do?
How about at home, do we do things that are our responsibility and expect to be praised for those as well? After all we decided to have a home and possibly a spouse, family and or pets. Are we expecting too much for what we chose to do?
Friendships. Do we go out of our way to do something helpful, kind or just to show we care for someone else? Are we doing these things for the right reasons?
In our job, “Confirmation” that we are doing well is the fact that we still have a job. If we are not being told that we are doing it wrong, then we should feel proud of our accomplishments and start giving ourselves some credit. It may be our own doubt and insecurity making us desire positive attention for our work performance. We are not children, but adult employees. We need to give ourselves a pat on the back as needed. No more expectations from others to “Validate” our performances. We’ve got this.
At home is where we make the rules. We are the teachers, who teach those family members how to treat each other. We show them with our own actions. We set the example. If we are showing “Recognition” for their responsible and respectful behavior then that will be “Validated” in how our household treats us.
As far as friends go. The street should always run both directions here. We need to “Recognize” when a friend is helping us out. We must “Validate” our appreciation for their kindness and “Confirm” to them that we are just as willing to return the kindness given to us.
 I “Validate” and “Confirm” to you that we all have doubt at some point in our lives. Our lesson here is to “Recognize” it and then let it go. It is important not to define yourself by what others see in you but, by who you already know you are.

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